Le 1 Avril 2010 <Lea's Poetry Homework Devoir d'anglais = rédigez un poème. Je crois que ma fille est amoureuse. A moins qu'elle ne parle de moi? Toujours cet affreux doute...

You are in my mind all the time.

You are the one who makes my poems ryme.

I thought it was a crush, but it's more than that.

I thought it would be like before but it's other than that.

I see you and there's like drums inside of me.

I walk through everything but there is only you that I see.

You're a part of my life I will never forget

There's a lot I don't know but on this I can bet.

<Diego's Art WorkJ'ai pris un magazine je l'ai déchiré j'ai dessiné l'autre moitié j'ai fait la tête après les yeux et puis le corps.