Scratch my name on you arm

Le 10 Décembre 2010

Il y a quelques années, le multi talentueux Ed Templeton, à la fois star du skateboard, peintre et photographe a offert un appareil photo à Deanna, sa femme et muse de toujours. Depuis, elle l'utilise avec simplicité et élégance. Son expo Scratch my name on you arm est un regard passionnant sur l'adolescence californienne surf'n'skate et son blog, sorte de carnet intime photographique, est la première chose du moment que je regarde le matin. C'est son mari qui en parle le mieux "Deanna's photos leave you with more questions than answers, like good art should". J'aime bien cette phrase.

Californian photographer and documentarist Deanna Templeton (born 1969) exhibits her series about the ritual of tattooing and body/cloth signing in the scene of young skate groupies in US under the title 'Scratch My Name on Your Arm'. Deanna has chosen the title from the song Rusholme Ruffians (from the album 'Meat is Murder' 1990) by the English band The Smiths with the lyrics “Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen / This means you really love me”. Her series are questioning the representation of women in media. If you look twice, you will find out that they are stories about love too.

Deanna Templeton captures young women proudly displaying the autographs by their skate idols they've collected at these events. The skaters scrawl their names across their bodies, often on their bras or breasts and, in turn, the young women beam with pride at the camera.

With her work, the documentarist questions how women and their bodies are portrayed in the media and how women freely participate in their own objectification at times. The skateboarders have left their mark, almost as a mark of ownership, a kind of branding, on the bodies of the young women - on the images it looks as if the girls are delighted.


The Smiths Rusholme Ruffians (Peel Session)